Origins of "The Catt Question"


Origins of "The Catt Question"


In a letter published by Wireless World in August 1981, page 39, page 1 and page 2 , Peter G. M. Dawe of Oxford discussed my key article dated December 1980 announcing "Theory C", which I had discovered in May 1976 but witheld from publication for four years. Peter Dawe's letter guided me towards "The Catt Question", but he only mentioned electric current in the wires between battery and resistor. However, in my answer, published at the same time, I raised the question of the charge on the bottom conductor for the first time. So Dawe only directed me towards "The Catt Question", but did not state it, limiting himself to electric current.

Note that this history clearly shows that "The Catt Question", because it came five years later, had nothing to do with the discovery of "Theory C". Of course, it reinforces "Theory C", because, as the Question demonstrates through the confused responses to it, a very good way of dealing with the Question is to "discover" that the electric charge which cannot get to where it has to be, does not exist - "Theory C". "Theory C" fully answers the Question.

Ivor Catt 22.9.09  

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