Energy Current


Dr. David Walton on Energy Current


D. S. Walton, Wireless World November 1979.

I understand that Aristotelians believed that a force was necessary to keep bodies in motion and that, in the absence of this force, the motion would cease. This theory led them into certain difficulties. For instance a spear, once thrown, appeared to continue to move without a force being present. The philosophers rose to this challenge magnificently with the theory that air, displaced from ahead of the spear, rushed to the rear and generated the requisite force - the theory was saved. Unfortunately they missed the simple point first noted by Newton, that it is in the nature of a moving body to continue to move.

In the same way I fear that Maxwell invented a complex explanation for a very simple phenomenon, ie that electromagnetic radiation, or energy current, moves at the speed of light - and that's all, because that is what energy current does. No mechanism invoking E producing H and H, in return, producing E is required.

D. C. Walton, Wireless World November 1980.

.... a faulty set of primitives can lead to problems in a theory which necessitate the introduction of ad hoc causality relations. In a similar way I believe that the causality relations alleged to reside in Maxwell's equations (i.e. changing magnetic field producing electric field and changing electric field producing magnetic field) are spurious. A moving body continues to move because that is what moving bodies do; an electromagnetic disturbance or energy current, of whatever distribution, continues to move because that is what energy currents do. In other words the statement "energy current travels at the velocity of light" is a primitive assumption in my theoretical framework which requires no further explanation. In my framework the moving energy current is the simple situation and 'static' electric and magnetic fields are composite.


Newton’s First Law.


A body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by forces.


Energy Current.


Energy current continues to travel in a straight line at the speed of light unless acted on, when it can change its direction but not its velocity.


Energy current (ExH) continues to travel in a straight line at the speed of light unless acted on (by other energy current or when reaching a change in space), when it can change its direction (for instance by some of it reversing) but not its velocity

 Ivor Catt, 31 December 2011.

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